2020 TICK & LYME


As more people venture out after being confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is another danger lurking: ticks. We may have been stuck in isolation, but ticks have not. The blood-sucking creatures are ready to come out and play, and with the mild winter behind us and warmer days ahead, tick season is forecasted to see unprecedented levels in both populations and activity. As is Lyme disease, the most prevalent tick-borne disease with 400,000 cases per year. Everyone is urged to continue practicing social distancing when outdoors and to take additional precautions to avoid direct contact with ticks in fields, forests and yards across the country.

  • Far broader and more inclusive of Lyme Borreliae species than standard serologies
  • Better than two-tier ELISA/WB and two-tier ELISA
  • Provides a simple, cost-effective, yes/no result with no complicated interpretation necessary
  • A relatively inexpensive method to detect Lyme Borreliae-specific antibodies and to monitor stage of disease
  • Specific, which means that most of the time it will be positive only if a person has been truly infected
  • Still the best western blot on the market, made with two strains of Bb
  • Improved sensitivity because it includes Lyme Borreliae-specific antigens from multiple strains and species
  • Improved specificity because pure proteins are sprayed at specific positions on the blot
  • Superior at all stages of Lyme disease